3rd North Carolina Cavalry


N-SSA Seniority number 169TW


The companies of this regiment were already in the field as early as August 1861. They were serving on independent duty as scouts and pickets from Cape Fear River in North Carolina to the Blackwater River in southeastern Virginia. Several attempts were made to gather the companies to organize but due to the wide spread dispersement, this did not meet much success. Company “K” mustered in at “Little” Washington, North Carolina and was mustered into confederate service February 7, 1862 to date November 6, 1861. Col. John Baker assumed command of the regiment and Captain Jordan Walker took charge of Company “K”.

The company saw active service in several commands during the conflict, taking part in numerous campaigns in North Carolina and Virginia. Active in the New Bern, North Carolina campaign of 1862, siege of Suffolk, Virginia under Longstreet, Dillards Wharf, South Anna Bridge, New Bern, NC 1864, Bermuda Hundred, Drewry’s Bluff, and Hanover Court House. General Rufus Barringer would assume command and until the end it would be known as Barringer’s Brigade.

Next came Cold Harbor, Hanover Town Road, Haws Shop, Meadow’s Bridge, Second Cold Harbor, Whiteoak Swamp, Malvern Hill, and Harrison’s Landing. The regiment was to see much action while protecting the Petersburg to Weldon Railroad and heavily involved in action at Charles City Road, Whites Tavern, Yellow House, Davis Farm, and distinguished itself at Ream’s Station.

Hampton’s Beefsteak Raid in September, 1864 and Belfield, Virginia signaled a change for the unit. From here the company was to participate in major defensive actions at Dinwiddie Courthouse, Five Forks, Chamberlin Run, Namozine Church, and on to Appomattox.

The night before the surrender most of the confederate Cavalry rode off to join General Johnson in North Carolina and some just went home.


The newly activated unit was organized during the fall of 1994 by six veterans of the N-SSA with service dating from 1967 to date. It stood its probationary skirmish at the 91st Spring National with eight members participating.

In its short history it has grown to sixteen active members that participate in almost every type of competition that the N-SSA offers.

The company draws members from eastern North Carolina to the southern part of Virginia. Since organizing it has already helped host the 97th National, running the Pistol Range.

Though small, the unit strives for good sportsmanship, shows devotion and respect to its members as a unit, and has a genuine interest in history. It anticipates being a great competitor in the Tidewater Region and on a National level in the years ahead.

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