N-SSA Seniority number 005

Modern History:

Founded and organized by James B. Anderson in 1950 who was also the first Team Sergeant, the team was composed of members in the surrounding area of Richmond/Hanover County, Virginia and is one of the oldest teams in the N-SSA.

During the process of organizing and building the team, the task of choosing a team name became a top priority. After much consideration, the name chosen was Richmond Volunteer Militia or RVM. The name of RVM was suggested by Billy Ferguson which was suggestive of the team's composition and geographic location. However, the name had no roots to any unit in the CSA fighting for the Southern Cause during the Civil War. This was due to miss-information that existed in the early years of the association that, a team could not adopt the name of a former military unit, Federal, Confederate or Militia. So, the name RVM was chosen in compliance with the perceived naming "protocol" and has persisted through the formative years of the N-SSA to present. It should be noted that this naming protocol was used by a number of early teams but was later changed to reflect actual CSA units. Original members of RVM were founder James B. Anderson, Billy Ferguson, Pat Eldridge, Louis Washer, Paul Faison, Brandy Rice, Richard DePue Blair Apperson and H.V. "Happy" Taylor. The prescribed uniform, head to toe, consisted of a kepi, shirt, trousers with stripe, and leggings at a total cost of $12.50. RVM competed in its first official N-SSA skirmish in May1951with the pitted against the First Virginia Greys (now First Reg't. Va. Vols.), Washington Blue Rifles, Port Huron Rangers, 6th Norfolk Light Artillery and the First Richmond Rifles. The size of the range required the skirmish to be conducted in two relays, three teams to the relay and although the scoring methods were somewhat crude, by any measure, RVM came in first among the teams on the second relay - a great beginning for the "new guys"!

Since it's beginnings in the early 1950's, RVM could be found at skirmishes almost anywhere in the country and participated in skirmishes as far away as Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, and many states in between not to mention Virginia, their home state. In 1970, the team considered changing the name of RVM to reflect a CSA unit that fought during the Civil War to in one which they could trace their roots. After much reflection it was unanimously agreed that RVM already had established a pedigree of excellence in competition so, the name change was forgotten and the team continued to rack up a record of excellence with many championship credits. RVM was recognized as a real power house of shooters within the Central Virginia Region and the N-SSA in general. Without question, it was a team that needed to be reckoned with. During their heyday and up into the 1990s, they were one of the most winning teams in the N-SSA for first, second and third place wins both Regional and National. Moreover, RVM was always in the top ten during the first 25 years of existence.

During the 1980s, many of the original team members began to hang up their guns and accoutrements to favor the comfort of a nice easy chair in front of a warm fire - they had put forth great effort and served their team well and it was time to pass the torch to the newer members. As time wore on, the balance of the membership began to shift towards the Tidewater region with a preponderance of RVM members living in Chesapeake and the surrounding areas. Eventually, the team decided to transfer from the Central Virginia Region to the Tidewater Region where they still remain. It should be noted though, that many of RVM's better shooters still live in Richmond area and without doubt, their shooting skills, experience and prowess on the skirmish line are self evident and recognized by all.

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