Southampton Greys


Southampton Greys 3rd Virginia Co. D
N-SSA Seniority Number: 132

The reformed Southampton Greys 3rd Va.Inf. Co D CSA complied their requirements for membership into the NSSA on 6 Aug.1966 with each member buying a 76 dollar Zouave. Several of our members had great grandfathers that fought in the original Southampton Greys. The Greys membership gave the OK on 2 Dec.1969 to start building a shooting range (Fort Mahone) at Capron Va. We rebuilt the concession stand, stat house and the tower in 1993 and 1994. The first skirmish held at Fort Mahone was April 1971. As of May 2005 the Greys have hosted 43 skirmishes on this range. We even had one wedding on the range Sep 1981. With numerous family winners in dress competitions at the nationals,1st place Visual 79th National, 1st place Teen formal 79th National, 1st place Boys military 91st National, 1st place Infant 91st National, 1st place Boys military 92nd National.

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